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Peoria Architectural Salvage

Eastlake Style Door with Privacy Florentine Glass, 32" Antique Victorian Door, Ships Free

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This door ships free within the continental US. Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time. It can also be combined with other large items or picked up from our warehouse for a discounted price.

A charming Victorian era door with beautiful textured glass in the Florentine pattern and carved rosette blocks on the exterior side of the door. This is a smaller size door which may have been a front door or a side door leading from a kitchen or other room at the back of the house. The front is a very dark stain and shellac with an alligatored finish and the interior is painted white. There are nicks and scratches in the paint and wood, especially along the outside edges of the door, as we've highlighted in the photos. This door would benefit for a fresh coat of paint. No hardware is included with this set.

This Victorian era privacy glass door measures 31 3/4" wide by 79 1/2" tall by 1 3/8" thick. The glass looks to have a glaze or darker paint rubbed into the texture which adds more privacy, but could be removed with paint thinner or stripper as well. Please see all of our pictures for condition.