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Peoria Architectural Salvage

Corbin Double Pocket Door Lock Set, Rolling or Sliding Door Locks Set

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A complete double pocket door mortise lock system by Corbin. This set has been cleaned and is in working condition. There is a 'male and female' pair to this set as shown, the female lock has a small bend where the lock inserts, but the imperfection does not affect functioning. The faceplates are solid bronze and the bodies are cast iron. There is residual lacquer or shellac on the surface of the bronze as shown, but all moving parts are in working order.
Each bronze faceplate measures 7/8" wide by 7 5/8" tall. The lock depth measures 3 1/4" deep by 5 1/4" tall by 1/2" thick. Please see all of our pictures for details. This set ships free within the US.