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Peoria Architectural Salvage

Antique Inlaid Flooring Section, Reclaimed Wood Floor Mosaic Piece

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A piece of art in its own right, this inlay floor section was created as a corner of an intricate floor pattern over 100 years ago. The pattern is comprised of interlocking pieces made from several different species of wood that have been carefully fitted together. The entire design is back and held together by canvas which is then mounted to the subfloor which you can see on the back. These can be hung on the wall with some simple picture hanging hardware or used as a table top decoration. Please see all of our pictures for details.
This antique flooring section measures approx. 15 1/2" by 16" by 1 1/4" thick. There is a shallow cut across the front of this piece as shown in the photos and a small separation in some of the seams of the wood, however, this piece is very solid.