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Peoria Architectural Salvage

28" Wide Antique Paneled Door, Vintage White Art Deco Door with Hardware #06

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An elegant paneled door from a 1920/30s Chicago apartment which was removed for a remodel. We have many sizes of this style door available; perfect for a new house build or a remodel of an existing space. The panel design is an unusual pattern we have not seen before making them unique and something a little different than typical 'old house' doors. This door is painted a crisp white and comes with all of the hinges, lock, and doorknob. The hardware is very nice quality with cast brass knobs and a coordinating keyhole escutcheon; please note some hinges are missing the brass steeple tips. The frame does have some slight separate at the seams which has caused paint to crack as pictured. The door is in its original jamb making installation much simpler. We do not know the species of wood due to the painted finish.

This vintage door measures 27 7/8" wide by 82 1/2" tall by 1 3/4" thick *without* the jamb. With the jamb, the full set measures 29 3/4" wide by 85" tall by 4 5/8" deep. The small metal box in the top corner of the frame is an electrical box.

We have many more doors available in this style. Please see the Antique Door section in our shop. These can shipped together for a lower cost or picked up from our warehouse for a discounted price.