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Peoria Architectural Salvage

14 by 11 Working Antique Iron Vent Cover, Ornate Register Cover Grate

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A sturdy, working vent cover with louvers on the back and lever on the front to control air flow to a room. These are very common in turn of the century homes and are an attractive way to finish a vent opening in a floor or wall. Please see all of our pictures for details. This set will need additional cleaning before installation.

This antique vent cover measures 13 3/4" wide by 10 7/8" tall across the front. The inset back section by 11 7/8" by 8 3/4" by 2" deep. There is a small opening/hole at the edge the grate as shown in the photos. This will not affect functioning or durability of this set. This item ships free within the US.