Our mission is to save architectural materials, 1950's and older, from buildings slated for demolition in order to pass them on for others to use in historic restorations, renovations, and other creative reuses. We strive to keep as much reusable materials out of landfills. Items we carry include interior and exterior doors, windows, staircase components, old growth lumber, tile, lighting, hardware, columns, cabinetry, sinks and tubs, leaded glass, vent grates, and more. 


Husband and wife owners, Jeanine and Thomas Wester, are first and foremost, Victorian home owners and old house enthusiasts. They formed Peoria Architectural Salvage in response to a large number of demolitions within their city in order to save irreplaceable materials from entering the landfill and to provide an outlet for the public to purchase these materials. Their hope is that these items will be used to restore other old homes and preserve them for many years to come. 

Company Bio

Peoria Architectural Salvage is contracted by the city of Peoria to salvage homes before demolition and our owners were instrumental in helping form said contract, which was a first of its kind in the area. PAS has also worked with OSF Hospital, Dental Arts Laboratories Inc., and the Peoria Stock Yards. Along with these larger projects, Peoria Architectural Salvage salvages homes for private owners on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves not only on our spotless safety record, but our thoroughness when salvaging a structure. As Victorian home owners, we have a keen eye for what should be saved and recognize the irreplaceable nature of these materials. No detail is overlooked and anything that can be saved, will be saved.